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The purpose of this agreement is to establish the general terms and conditions under which the employer and
SGA Youth & Family Services will provide meaningful work experience for youth, ages 16 to 24. Under this
Agreement, participants will be provided work experience, which is valuable and meaningful for both the
participants and the agency. Work experience should also aid in the development of skills and work habits,
which will assist the participant in obtaining unsubsidized employment in the future.

SGA agrees to provide:
1. Assessment of youth skills, interests, and literacy/numeracy skills.
2. Job matching and screening of youth for worksite.
3. Youth who have successfully completed the employability skills training.
4. Record for employer.
5. Worker’s compensation to all trainees placed at the worksite.
6. Prompt payment of trainees’ wages, stipends, supportive services and required fringes such as FICA and
worker’s compensation insurance.
7. Continued guidance, communication and site visits with youth employed through this program.

Worksite Employer agrees to:
1. Provide a direct worksite supervisor to arrange training to ensure skill and experience is adequate to
pursue employment in the industry.
2. Provide daily oversight, a safe location, any and all required tools, equipment, safety gear or uniforms. (If
the employer needs assistance with this, please communicate with SGA.)
3. Openly communicate with SGA regarding youth training, challenges, and issues that may arise.
4. Provide weekly and accurate timesheets to SGA Personnel.
5. Complete a Worksite Agency satisfaction survey and employer appraisal/assessment
6. Complete a Worksite Description for youth and SGA before start date.
7. Not compensate youth in any manner for time already compensated by SGA.
8. Maintain and preserve confidentiality of its program participant(s) as it would any employees.
9. Comply with all applicable labor laws.

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