Keystone Heights FFA Officer Application
Officer Application
First and Last Name *
Grade *
Phone Number? *
Have you paid your FFA dues? (FFA dues must be paid prior to the final officer application due date to be considered and elected in office.) *
Explain why you would want to serve as an FFA officer. What specific things can you contribute to our chapter by serving as an officer? *
Are you able to attend ALL meetings and activities throughout the year? *
What extracurricular activities are you involved in? Explain the nature of your involvement. *
What do you believe the most important responsibilities of a chapter officer are? *
Describe your experiences speaking in front of large groups of students/people? *
What events/teams do you plan to be on in the future? What will you do to make sure the teams are successful? *
Describe your involvement in the KHHS FFA Chapter during last year including FFA meetings, CDEs, conventions, conferences, etc. *
Describe any new ideas you have for our FFA Chapter. (Community service projects, FFA meeting ideas, trips, fundraisers, etc.) *
List FFA officer positions you have held in the past. *
What should the officer code of conduct do for the structure of the officer team? (See below) *
In your opinion, what should happen to an officer that is not adhering to the officer code of conduct or not showing up and participating in officer and member events? *
Officer Responsibilities
Please see the information above about officer duties/responsibilities to make your choice of which offices you feel most qualified to run for (consider your talents, other school commitments and your schedule for the upcoming year). After reading the officer responsibility sheet, please select your 3 most desired offices. (Also, please understand that being an officer is a privilege no matter which office is chosen for you. It is possible that you may not receive any of your top 3 choices.) *
The following is a checklist of Expectations of Chapter Officers/Code of Conduct in order for you to become an officer and continue to hold your officer position. By checking the box beside each requirement, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree. *
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