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Below is a brief Peel Dem Layers Back (PDLB) Speaking/Workshop Form to inquire for speaking engagements and/or workshops.  Please fill out every question with as much detail as possible.  We will get back to you once we have had a chance to review your submission.
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About PDLB Founder & CEO, Archie Green

Cleveland, Ohio rapper Archie Green is a dream believer.  But more than that, he’s a “dream, then wake up and go-getter.” Green’s pen game is over twenty years strong, coupled with a business acumen he picked up while attending Morehouse College and eventually New York University, earning a Masters’ in Music Business. Archie is also an advocate for mental health, having himself been diagnosed with clinical depression.  His introspective single, “Layers,” which premiered at in 2016, garnered over 25,000 streams in 2 weeks.  The Cleveland based artist subsequently founded Peel Dem Layers Back, a 501(c)3 to promote mental health awareness through a Hip-Hop lens.  
Archie’s most recent album, Cope Dealer, also serves as the blueprint for the 10-week comprehensive Cope Dealer Initiative program produced by Peel Dem Layers Back. The program, intended specifically for Black men and boys, covers various topics such as depression, anxiety, leadership, and fatherhood, and aims to coach participants on how to cope with mental illness in real-time.
Green has been the recipient of various awards for his work as a Mental Health Advocate including the Gallant Gentleman Award for Mental Health from Alpha Kappa Alpha's Linking Partnership Opportunities, Cleveland Magazine's Most Interesting People Class of 2018, Fresh Innovator Award Recipient from the Cleveland Leadership Center, Young Adult Philanthropist Award from The Soul of Philanthropy Cleveland, and Rising Star Award from the 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland.
Currently, Archie serves as the CEO of Peel Dem Layers Back.  He and his lovely wife, Niké, currently reside in Lakewood, OH.

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