Integrated Community Sustainability Plan Survey
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Place of Residency
Rank what you believe the SRD’s sustainability priorities should be over the next 10 years (1= highest priority, 6= lowest priority)
1 Highest Priority
6 Lowest Priority
Improving inter-island transportation
Improving service delivery (e.g. piped water, improved internet, etc)
Providing waste management, compost, and recycling services
Encouraging increased sustainable tourism
Improving emergency preparedness and planning
Responding to climate change and pollution (e.g. flood adaptation, shoreline cleanup, expanding protected areas, forest management, etc)
On average, how often do you visit other islands or parts of Electoral Area C?
If you could only fund one project today, which one would you fund out of the list below?
Rank the greatest sustainability threats facing Electoral Area C.(1= highest priority, 4= lowest priority)
1 Highest Priority
4 Lowest Priority
Lack of sustainable economic opportunities for residents (sustainable tourism, local farming, investment in green energy, local services, sustainable forestry, etc)
Improper waste management (e.g. illegal dumping, land and water contamination)
Lack of response/ behaviour change by residents to pollution and climate change (reliance on vehicles, large energy intensive homes, single use plastics, large carbon footprints, etc)
Lack of response/ behaviour change by the regional, provincial, and federal governments to pollution and climate change (need for increased protection of marine and shoreline areas, need for improved forest management and wildfire response, etc)
How would you like to stay informed about this project and other SRD initiatives? (Select all that apply)
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