Clayton Ridge CSD Five Year Survey
Enclosed please find a brief questionnaire that I hope you will take a few minutes to complete and return.

To continually prepare Clayton Ridge High School students to enter an ever-changing and increasingly complex society has always been one of our primary objectives. In order to maintain the tradition of excellence we have so proudly established, we believe that feedback from our former students is one of the most important sources of information we can use to evaluate our institution and keep our curriculum up-to-date.

We are interested in hearing what you believe both our strengths and weaknesses to be. Your input will be carefully considered and greatly appreciated.
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If you are attending or have attended any school since graduating from Clayton Ridge High School, please complete the following: *
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If you have joined a branch of the Armed Forces, please indicate which branch and your area of specialization.
What is your present occupation? You may indicate student status, military service, temporary employment, unemployed, or the last occupation you held. *
How well do you believe CRHS prepared you for the schools you later attended or the occupation you entered? *
What subject area(s) do you feel has been the most helpful to you since graduation? *
You may select more than one.
Was there any specific course(s) that was most beneficial to you? Why?
What subjects that were not offered at CRHS do you think would have been helpful? Why?
Do you feel the senior trip is a worthwhile experience that should be continued? Please explain why or why not.
How satisfied are you with your present school, occupation, etc.?
Are there any comments that you would like to make regarding your high school experiences as you now look back on them? We are interested in anything you would like to share which would enable us to successfully plan for the future.
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