Application for the Illinois Women's Institute for Leadership's 2018 Training Program
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Please note-- letters of recommendation required separately. More details available on our website at

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Are you currently running for office or do you plan to run in the 2018/2019 cycle(s)?
If yes, what office are you running/plan to run for?
Please provide the names of the Elected or Party Officials that will provide a letter of recommendation:
In no longer than 500 words, please describe three (3) examples of work you have done to advance the goals of the Democratic Party. This can be work on behalf of a Democratic organization or a candidate, policy advocacy, etc. Be specific in your description, i.e. tell us what you did, how you made a difference, how the Party was strengthened as a result, etc.
In no longer than 500 words, please describe why you want to (or why you have) run for public office. What office do you aspire to (or do you hold/have you held)? What qualities do you possess that make you an effective candidate for public office? What have you done to prepare for running?
In no longer than 500 words, please tell us why you should you be selected for the IWIL Training Program. What do you have to offer to the Program and to the Democratic Party? How will you use the training you receive from the program?
In a pdf format include a professional quality resume of no more than two (2) pages.
Please upload a recent photograph in jpg format that is suitable for publicity purposes.
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