Dear Fellow White People
Thank you for taking the time to write your "Dear Fellow White Person" letter. This campaign was created for people that self identify as white or white presenting, that have unapologetically taken a journey that honors your white privilege. You are constantly researching, learning, asking questions, and self-reflecting on what you can do to assist in the liberation of those suffering from the impacts of institutional racism. The interpersonal work you do manifests in the work you do in the world, we grateful for your work.In the wake of what’s happening in the world.

When people with white privilege begin to do the work, change will being. We invite you to share your letter with us to share with others. If you don't feel comfortable with us using your name we invite you to close your letter with at statement similar to "A fellow white CEO in the tech industry," or "A fellow white parent," however you feel comfortable identifying. Your letters will help people that identify as white learn how they begin to

Please turn your letter into a google document, then place the document in "View Mode", and then place the sharing link in the form when prompted to share the link to your letter.
What trainings have you participated in that has played a role in you acknowledging and utilizing your white privilege?
Would you like to participate in an experience curated to assist with healing and confronting white guilt and white fragility?
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Are you willing to take direction and guidance from a womayn of the African Diaspora?
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How often would you be willing to connect with other people benefitting from white privilege?
Would you be willing to assist in cultivating campaigns, policies, practices, and other actions that will lead to the healing and transformation of people that benefit from white privilege.
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Have you ever participated in trauma-informed training?
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Do you work for an organization that may benefit from training geared towards sustainable changes that has an equitable impact?
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Would your organization like to sponsor a community forum, training, or sharing of information regarding how to leverage white privilege?
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Please share the link to your "Dear Fellow White Person," letter below. *
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With the submission of this form you agree to allow Community Advocacy and Healing Project to utilize your "Dear Fellow White People," letter in any manner that aligns with teaching community education and engagement..
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