2017 In-Service Registration
In-Service workshops listed here are only open to volunteers currently tutoring for Literacy Network.
Interested in becoming a volunteer or tutor? Visit: http://www.litnetwork.org/volunteers/index.php

Registration is required all for workshops, as space is limited. If you have any questions or need to cancel a registration, contact Ms. Shawn Steen via (608) 244-3911 or shawn@litnetwork.org. Thanks!

Monday, October 23
6:00-7:30pm at UW South Madison Partnership, Villager Mall, 2312 S Park St
Making New Vocabulary Stick
Learning new vocabulary takes a LOT of repetition, but tutors often skip important extra practice because they're worried the learner will be bored. Come learn how you can re-use and re-cycle the same words a dozen ways in the lesson (without feeling like a drill sergeant)! Led by Senior Director of Tutoring Jennifer Peterson.

Tuesday, October 24
6:00-7:30pm at Literacy Network, Classroom 2
GED Instruction
Are you working on the GED/HSED with a student? Come learn what is included in the new GED and how best to help someone prepare to take this exam. You won’t want to miss this GED overview and discussion of essential resources!
Led by GED Program Manager Marie Knibbe.

Saturday, Oct 28
9:30-11:00am at Literacy Network, Classroom 2
Grammar Boot Camp: Parts of Speech
Are you looking for ways to explain sentence structure to your learner? Come review the basic parts of speech and learn how to teach sentence structure to your learner with meaningful practice! Led by Community Literacy Manager Molly Schneider and Senior Intern Kristine Guderyon Goetz.

Tuesday, November 7
4:30-6:00pm at Literacy Network, Classroom 1
In Their Words: The Language Experience Approach (LEA)
The Learning Experience Approach (LEA) uses a learner’s own spoken English as dictation material for the teacher. Writing down what a learner says creates an authentic document of the learner’s words, which can be used as educational material for English grammar, sentence building, vocabulary, spelling and many other aspects of the language learning experience. Led by ESL Instructor Gregg Williard.

Wednesday, November 8
11:30am-1:00pm at Literacy Network, Classroom 1
Working with Your Advanced Learner: Tutoring Techniques and Lesson Planning Tips
Are you having trouble keeping your advanced-level learner engaged? It can be difficult to find diverse activities that are both challenging and enjoyable, but they are out there! This in-service will offer activities and techniques for tutors and interns who may feel like they’ve run out of things to do. You will leave this in-service ready to help your learner tackle more challenging English! Led by ESL Instructors Marie Simpson and Cassie Pilarski.

Tuesday, November 14
6:00-7:30pm at Literacy Network
Phonics and Reading for Low Level ELLs
This workshop is aimed at helping tutors teach the basics of English reading to low-level learners or those coming from a language with a different script. We will look at how the sounds English relate to English letters. This might also be useful for those interested in pronunciation. Tips for lesson planning and tutoring will also be covered. Led by UW-Madison TESOL Professor Renee Lajcak.

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6:00-7:30pm Monday, October 23: Making New Vocabulary Stick
6:00-7:30pm Tuesday, October 24: GED Instruction
9:30-11:00am Saturday, Oct 28: Grammar Boot Camp: Parts of Speech
4:30-6:00pm Tuesday, November 7: In Their Words: The Language Experience Approach (LEA)
11:30am-1:00pm Wednesday, November 8: Working with Your Advanced Learner: Tutoring Techniques and Lesson Planning Tips
6:00-7:30pm Tuesday, November 14: Phonics and Reading for Low Level ELLs
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