AYG - Games Growth Expert
Email address *
- Must be 15+ years of age
- Must be able to read/write in English
- Must be capable of "customer service" assistance
- Must have Direct Messaging open
- Must have been a member of AYS, and AYG for at least 30 days.
- Must have prior knowledge on how to manage a Gaming Server
- Must have some understanding on how to grow a Gaming Server
- Must not be currently affiliated with an advertising server with a member count higher than 1k members.
- You will be contacted by the Games Management if you have been accepted.
- You must fill out a small interview form and a maturity test.
- Training will be required of all new GGEs. This will occur before your first official work date.
- If you pass the interview and test, you will officially have become a Games Growth Expert (GGE).
- Once training is over, you will be given a role in the AYG server and may begin working.
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