GreenThumb Gardens, Reopening, and COVID-19
As New York City continues to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and further re-open, we have been dedicated to working with our garden groups to ensure that public health protocols are being followed and that we are all doing our part to limit COVID-19.

As of July 6, 2020, community gardens operating on NYC Parks property may remain open to garden members at the discretion of each licensed garden group. Gardens may also now reopen to members of the public at the discretion of each garden group. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, gardens are not required to host public open hours.

A full version of the garden access policy, updated as of September 16, 2020, can be found here:

This form is designed to let us know if your garden is choosing to stay closed or to open and to verify your mailing address if you would like to request signage from GreenThumb. Please note, this signage is specifically for gardens on NYC Parks property.
*COVID-19 Sign -
*Garden Closed Sign -
*Garden Closed But Accepting Food scraps -
*Garden Open and Accepting Food Scraps -
*Garden Open Not Accepting Food Scraps -

Your Outreach Coordinator will be in touch with additional updates, as necessary.
The primary/secondary contacts should discuss with their garden groups before filling out this form. *
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Share a mailing address if you want to receive the signage for the corresponding garden reopening plans. If you do not enter a mailing address here, we will assume you do not want a sign mailed to you, and you can simply enter N/A. Thank you! *
Please note: due to COVID-19, GreenThumb services are limited at this time and while we will mail signage to you, this and other services may be delayed.
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