Conversations Between Addicts Podcast
If you're like me, some of the most helpful times to bring about humility and connection with others came through conversations that I had after a 12 step meeting, during the week on an accountability call, or in a step 5 conversation. These were the times when I was able to open up honestly to a brother who knew exactly how I felt. It was different than talking with my bishop or my wife, because even though I felt great love from them, I needed a different connection.
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What are the top three things that have helped you in recovery? (short version)
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What are the top three things that kept you stuck in addiction? (short version)
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Sample Questions I'll Be Asking In The Podcast:
I really hope the conversation on the podcast feels unscripted. We don't have to follow the questions. Raw, honest, and humble responses that share what you learned in hopes that it may help someone else in their addiction. I'm not looking for the 'right' answers, I'm looking for what made/makes the difference for YOU. Touching on the pain, frustration, and bottomless pit, but spending most of the time on what you've learned, the solution, the hope, and the joy of freedom.

Describe your darkest time. What was it like?
Did you hit a ‘rock bottom’? What was it like? Do you think rock bottom is essential in the recovery process? Why?
What do you think is at the root of of all this addictive behavior? Why?
Did you have support from family or friends? Or Did you have to find support outside of family and friends?
What kinds of resources did you try? What worked? Why? What did you learn from things that maybe didn’t work? Why?
Who did you first confide in? Were you nervous?
What advice would you give to someone that just had a relapse?
How has this affected your closest relationships? For bad? And how has it strengthened relationships for good?
What does honesty mean to you? Why honesty?
How do you feel about being labeled as an ‘addict’ or ‘recovering addict’?
How have your experiences enriched your life?
What is the most valuable lesson you’ve gained in this process?
How does it feel to have freedom?
What have been the greatest joys for you?

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