TTC van check-out
This form must be completed by a club member at the time the van is picked-up for a booking.

The person responsible for the van and safety is the member who booked the van. This person may use their discretion to permit anyone aged 25 or over, holding a full NZ driving license, to drive the van.

TTC's van policy is at

Pickup person *
Please enter the name of the person below who picked up / checked-out the van.
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Contact method *
Enter a mobile phone number or other means for TTC to contact you during this trip.
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Van occupants *
Please list (or link to a list) of all the van occupants or cite a contact person who has this information.
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Total van occupants *
Count of drivers plus passengers travelling
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Van kilometres OUT *
Enter current kilometres reading from van trip computer
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Trip type *
For us to plan for future van usage, please tick any below which apply to your trip
Safety *
The van is over 2.5m high and its gross vehicle mass is almost 3500kg fully loaded. I have done a visual check of the van tyres for pressure and damage. TTC will not pay insurance excess where vehicle damage is caused by carelessness or negligence. If snow is a possibility for our trip, I have checked the snow chains are in the van and know how to use them . Van drivers shall pay for any traffic or parking infringements they incur.
Keeping the van officer in the loop *
In the event of an accident / incident I will contact the van booking officer ASAP. I will notify the van bookings officer if our trip travel plan changes. I will use the TTC van fuel card to refuel the van with diesel.
Declaration by main driver *
As driver named below, I understand I am responsible for managing the van and the safety of its occupants during travel
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