Zuri Awards 2020 Nomination Form
Go Gaga Experiential inaugurated the Zuri Awards in 2017 to recognize and support exceptional women who are dedicated to:
1. Creating positive change through work in their communities.
2. Inspiring other women through exceptional displays of leadership;
3. Rising against all odds and being courageous in the face of adversity.
4. Changing lives of their communities in the various segments of the market.

We have seen a steady growth of 300% on the nomination applicants from 2017 to 2019. The key success to this has been the numerous activities and partnerships that have been forged to reach out to nominees from all parts of the country who are running different projects that are making a difference in our communities.

Zuri Awards has been able to highlight the key successes of both nominees and honourees through a call for nomination, photography and video sessions, public exhibition of their work, digital story telling and above the line highlight of stories in the media.

The awards have led to a positive publicity of the nominees and honourees in their respective sphere of influence hence enhancing the expansion of their projects and their exceptional competencies.

Due to the consistent growth of Zuri Awards, we have increased the numbers of awards from 4 to 14 showcasing more women making a difference in the various segments of the market. There will be a series of awareness activities that will be carried out culminating to the 4th edition of the Zuri Awards Gala Dinner on the 6th March 2020

The awards are open to individuals and they can either self nominate or be nominated. The below are the categories that will be judged by a group of jurors:

2. Agriculture
3. Healthcare
4. Renewable Energy
5. Humanitarian
6. Innovation
7. Young achiever
8. Sports
9. Public Service
10. Arts and Culture.
11. Media
12. Finance
13. Manufacturing
14. Education
15. Business

Watch the amazing stories of the Zuri Awards Honourees and Nominees on zuriawards.gogagaexp.com
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