Smart Development - Staff Application
Smart Development need staff members to keep the community active and nice.
If you feel like you have what you need, and want to help us, you can apply!

Current available roles:
Moderator - Keep the community nice and clean.
Support team - Gives support to the users who needs.
Beta tester - Tests the plugins (and in different versions)
Translator - Translates the plugins
Developer - Develops plugins for Smart Development

- Must be mature enough
- Needs to be active in the community
- Needs to know English
- Want to do it and have fun!

Development requirements:
- Needs to know how to code with Spigot
- Needs to have some experience
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Only answer if questions
In the application you will find questions marked with OAIF. OAIF means
only answer if you selected the role.
If the question is marked with "OAIF Developer - Question" only developers should answer.
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