UCSB Cost of Living Survey 2020-2021
This survey has four parts and should take about 10 minutes or less to complete. It will help provide a realistic idea of the financial situations of UCSB graduate students. A separate survey for undergraduates will also be circulated.

This survey is completely anonymous; we do not have access to your email or name.
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What year did you begin your program?
Which department or program are you a student in? *
Demographic Information (optional)
The following questions are optional but help to understand how different identities experience cost of living issues. We will aggregate this data only at the discipline level (i.e., in groups of departments) and above so as to ensure the anonymity of responses. This data will only be shared within the leadership of UCSB UAW 2865.

If you feel that your responses here may compromise your privacy, please do not feel pressured to respond.
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