Mask Tension Release Band Intake Form
This is quick form to collect contact information from medical and public safety personnel (and at a lower priority other non-profits or groups) looking for surgical mask tension release bands. These bands help with prolonged surgical mask wear by hooking elastic straps around the band behind ones head vs behind ones ears.

I will be filling requests on a priority basis, prefer local groups in the San Francisco Bay area where I can drop them off quickly and will pay for shipping if this doesn't get too popular.

I can build 11 large or 21 average sized bands at a time, if I'm shipping them I'd like to ship at least 30 at a time (one batch of each is what I've been thinking about). If you need more, or could act as a distribution hub for your area let me know that as well!

I am using this design - remixed by Suraky which has been recommended by the NIH when fabricated as instructed -
Email address *
Name *
This is the name of the Point of Contact for your organization (or you if you don't have one). This person should know that bands are being printed for your organization.
Name of the receiving Organization (if applicable)
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Unit or building
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Zip Code *
Phone number *
If I have questions I'll use this number to contact you and arrange pickup/dropoff or shipping.
These bands will be used in the following setting(s) *
How many regular (average) size bands do you need?
Average bands are the default that most people will need, if in doubt, choose average.
How many large size bands do you need?
Large bands are useful for people with large hairdos or above average sized heads.
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