Ludum Dare 31 Let's Play Video by Ythmevge (Signup)

Use the form below to sign up to have a video of your Ludum Dare 31 game created by Ythmevge and posted on submission of this form does not guarantee that a video of your game will be created. I reserve the final decision on what games I play and show on my channel.

The Social media profiles are optional, if they are present I will use them to notify you of the video released.

I will also be participating in the Ludum Dare compo event, when I record the gameplay I will also be rating your game.

I cannot record any mobile platform, but I am more than happy to play and rate your mobile games. I also cannot play OSX, or Linux games.

Any games submitted after 12/18/14 I may or may not get to.

Submissions are now closed as of 12/21/14 I have all of the games that I will have time for.