Endowment Form
Please provide complete answers to the following questions to ensure the project meets the criteria of the Fund Charter: http://cumclansdale.org/pageredir/919

Remember that the project cannot be a part of the current church operating budget.

The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2017.

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Email Address
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Describe the proposed project for Endowment funding
Which aspect of the Charter does the project reflect: Missions, Christian Education (including scholarships) or Church property improvements? How does the project align with our mission of “Transforming lives through the love of Jesus Christ?”
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Describe the impact of proposed project.
How will you measure success?
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What is the timeline of the project?
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Detail the proposed project’s budget.
Is funding requested for the entire project or is the project part of a larger project? Will you need future funding after the initial grant (if awarded)?
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