Morning Sign Out iOS App Developer Application


Thank you for your interest in joining the MSO development team. Please review the following responsibilities and complete the following application to be considered for a position as an MSO iOS App Developer.

Afterwards, please send a copy of your resume to and, with the subject labeled as "[MSO] Application for iOS App Developer - Last Name, First Name."

General prerequisites:

- Knowledge of at least one programming language
- Able to write clean code easily understood by other collaborating developers
- Able to debug errors and take measures to prevent future issues
- Prioritize application maintainability, extensibility, and flexibility
- Refine application performance and adhere to good design patterns
- Good communication and teamwork skills
- Be open to collaborating with others
- Willing to provide thoughtful input through the design/development process
- Have a positive attitude towards learning and applying knowledge in a hands-on environment
- Willing to learn necessary skills to contribute to their respective team


- Knowledge of Objective-C and Cocoatouch framework (or willing to learn)
- Including but not limited to Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Animation, etc.
- Interested in designing UI/UX for a wide audience range using prototyping tools and build custom UIViews and animation
- Interested in developing and deploying advanced health and fitness related applications for the iOS platform

Preferred, but not required:

- Experience with iOS app development and can demonstrate previous projects
- Using Auto Layout with Xcode
- Integrating application with back-end services using RESTful APIs and network calls
- Evaluating and using external libraries and APIs to accomplish expected application functionality
- Experience designing UI for iOS apps
- Experience with Git

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