viduMath teacher questionnaire
Please complete this form after your students have completed the project. Your feedback is critical to the project partnership improving and expanding the quality of the project.

Please don't forget to add your students work to the vidumath wiki. If you are not registered yet and have a page, please write to Joel at

The vidumath team are very grateful for your help with the project, Thank you
Is Mathematics your main teaching subject?
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If not a Mathematics teacher, please state your subject?
How experienced are you with video techniques?
Not experienced
Very experienced
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How old are the students that completed the project?
Please tick each age included.
How many students completed the project?
How long (in classroom hours) did the project take?
How did you use vidumath?
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What mathematics topic or problem did you set the students?
Please be as detailed as you wish.
What video technique did you use?
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Overall, do you consider the project a success or failure?
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Why do you consider the project a success or failure?
Please be as full as you wish. We are particularly interested in points that went very well, or less well than expected.
How would you improve the project?
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Will you use the vidumath approach again in your mathematics teaching?
Please be as full as you wish.
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