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Who: Bill Erickson
What: Bitcoin and Blockchain - Ten Years In. What we know, what we don't
know and where we are headed.
Where: Fairfield University Library Room 101
When: 7:00PM Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
Cost: Admission is Free
details: http://inventus.org
directions: http://www.inventus.org/Directions.htm

If you have any questions please contact Prof. Doug Lyon (lyon@docjava.com)

Bitcoin and Blockchain - Ten Years In. What we know, what we don't know and where we are headed.
- Review of 10 years of history after Satoshi's Whitepaper
- State of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies
- Blockchain Developments
- Viable blockchain use cases
- STOs and the regulatory environment
- Predictions about the future of bitcoin, crypto and blockchains
Speaker Biography:
Bill Erickson is a technology attorney and entrepreneur who has helped
advance digital transformation in a career spanning competitive
telecoms, network-centric IT, mobile, cloud computing, cyber defense,
Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. He has held executive
legal and business roles at industry innovators such as MCI, IBM,
BearingPoint, Kroll and Accenture, as well as startups and
consultancies. He has lived and worked in
Europe and the US and has had global responsibility in several firms.
He is a graduate of the New York University School of Law - where he was
a Root-Tilden Scholar, and the University of Colorado at Denver. In
addition to his own investments and ventures, he is currently counsel to
r4 Technologies, an AI startup in Ridgefield, CT, and General Manager
and Counsel – Americas, for Universal Trust Engine Limited, a
London-based blockchain software and applications company. TrustMe is
launching a first of its kind global network of land registries and
property certificate exchanges based on blockchain and crypto technologies.

He is based in Connecticut.

Bill Erickson wmerick@yahoo.com (203) 434-0707 (c)

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