DesignOps: 2-Day Workshop with Dave Malouf
When: 16–17 January 2019
Where: Carlton Hotel
Price: SGD995 (including GST)
Limited to 35 participants
What is Design Operations?
Think about your organisation’s design practice:
* Is your organisation’s design capability growing in size, complexity and scope?
* Are your teams meeting overall organisational outcomes?
* Are you facing poor team engagement issues?
* Does your team have the right tools to meet and scale their needs?
* Do you have systems in place to allow for better communication, asset management, and workflow management?

If these are your areas of concern, we’d like to introduce you to the emerging practice of Design Operations or DesignOps.

DesignOps is about creating, managing and growing a design ecosystem for your designers to do their best work.

DesignOps is on top-of-mind of design leaders today. Companies like Spotify, MasterCard, Capital One, Pinterest and GE are embracing the practice and seeing their teams become stronger as they scale.

About the Workshop
This workshop is for design leaders tasked with growing and managing design teams in their organisations.
You’ll learn how to:
* Create a plan and execute DesignOps for managing teams—from recruitment through promotion and even off-boarding
* Develop assessment criteria to evaluate and select current software for supporting design operations
* Develop methods for optimising workflows
* Integrate DesignOps roles and responsibilities into the wider design organisation
Workshop Outline
Day One: Mindset and Systems
Section 1: What is Design Operations and why now?
How I/we got here?
What is DesignOps?
What value does DesignOps create?
Agile/Lean < > Design

Section 2: Understanding multi-track
What is dual-track?
What is tri-track?
A proposal for making the design work in an agile framework

Section 3: Breaking Down the Pieces Pt. 1
Human resources
Product lifecycle and program management
Design systems

Section 4: Breaking Down the Pieces Pt. 2
Team values
Business operations and governance

Day Two: DesignOps Tools and Methods
Section 1: Know Thyself
From culture to eco-system

Section 2: Playing with frameworks
Culture Map
Stakeholder Map
DesignOps Canvas
Service Blueprint

Section 3: DesignOps Canvas
Map your operations

Section 4: DesignOps Canvas—Analysis and Planning
SWOT and priorities
Vision and planning

About Dave Malouf
Dave Malouf is an interaction designer with close to 20 years’ experience designing at the crossroads of technology, people and business, and one of the key personalities guiding the growth of the DesignOps practice.

He is a speaker and in the program committee of the DesignOps Summit 2018,, writes extensively about DesignOps on Medium,, and is one of the authors of the DesignOps Handbook by InVision,

Dave is also one of the primary founders and the first Vice President of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).
As a veteran design leader, strategist, facilitator, researcher and educator, Dave has worked with some of the largest and fastest growing organisations globally. He offers this experience and passion to help organisations amplify the value they get from their investment in design.

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