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最新消息!政府於5月1日剛發布新的遙距營商30萬資助計劃的詳情, 100% 資助香港公司做網上生意及其他有助遙距營商的工具及方案,旨在幫助企業在疫境中開拓網上生意及做網上推廣增加生意。

為何選擇 eOneNet? 其他人賣給你產品,服務,工具,沒有幫助你增加生意及收入來源。 唯有eOneNet憑20年的國際網上營銷及培訓經驗,能助你快速開拓網上生意及透過多種推廣渠道持續增加生意。eOneNet自2000年起已幫助超過10萬人/企業開展網上生意/推廣,當中有學員月賺3萬-7萬美元,其中之一eOneNet 主導及管理的網上營銷計劃,一個月內幫助一個國家品牌的網頁獲得8千萬瀏覽量及30多萬元的訂單,而eOneNet 管理網站28Mall.com 在疫情中生意增長超過300%。

申請期限:2020年5月 4日-11月 (只限3000家香港公司,先到先得)
資助比例:100% 全額資助


查詢: https://wa.me/85263093618?text=我要搶先申請遙距營商資助30萬

BREAKING NEWS! HK Government just announced the new D-Biz $300,000 funding details, giving 100% funding to Hong Kong companies to start online business and to purchase tools and solutions with the objective to enable companies to start selling and promoting online during Covid-19 and beyond.

WHY eOneNet? Others sell you products, services and tools, and do not help you increase business or sources of income. Only eOneNet, with 20 years' online marketing and training experience, can help you start your online business and increase business continuously via multi-channels. eOneNet has helped more than 100,000 people/companies start online business/marketing since 2000, with students earning USD30,000 to 70,000 per month, and via an online marketing campaign, helped an international brand webpage receive more than 80 million page views and more than $300,000 orders. 28Mall.com, a website managed by eOneNet, has increased more than 300% sales during Covid-19 period.

❗This funding amount is only 500 Million HK Dollar,so only about 3000 companies are eligible to claim. HURRY! Fill up and submit the form below to get priority FREE consultation.

查詢: https://wa.me/85263093618?text=IWantToApplyD-Biz

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