Al Huda Institute Financial Assistance Form
What is F.A?
‘Financial Assistance’ is an education-support program by Al Huda Institute aimed to provide equal opportunity and facilitation of learning to capable students coming from families afflicted with a period of financial struggle.
It is our responsibility to appropriately and fairly distribute funds across all courses and educational programs, with due investigation to determine most deserving cases.
Assistance may be provided in different amounts to different families based on their situation and the amounts are only a small portion of the fee.
Where will the funds come from?
Financial Assistance funds are drawn from the categories of sadaqah/zakaah/student sponsorship that are received at the Institute.
These funds are limited and constantly in circulation. Hence an applicant may be advised for a waiting period if they qualify to receive assistance but funds are unavailable at that time.
How is Eligibility determined?
An applicant’s eligibility for Financial Assistance is based on many factors. A true and honest ‘Neediness Self-Evaluation’ must be completed for the case to be processed. Please completely fill out the provided form.

Financial Assistance may be approved for a smaller period than requested, and will be conditional upon fulfillment of necessary requirements.

Filling out an F.A form [Financial Assistance Form] does not guarantee or pre-qualify any applicant for receiving assistance, and the decision to provide assistance will be at the discretion of the assigned authority.

Who Is a Guarantor?
A Guarantor is an applicant’s acquaintance [friend or family] who will be contacted by the office in case of arrears. They will be initially contacted only to confirm their consent and in case the applicant is unable to pay their portion of the fee to clear dues on applicant’s behalf.
Please provide a confirmed guarantor information in the form.
What to Expect for Processing?
Processing time ranges from 1-3 weeks, depending on necessary meetings and document review. However, holidays, special events or any other deterrents to complete the required protocol may slow down the process.
Applicants are advised to follow up via email if there is no communication beyond 3 weeks once an application is submitted.
We Respect your Situation
We respect each applicant’s privacy, trust and confidentiality and make every effort to keep it such, hence applicants are encouraged to maintain direct communication with the office and not discuss these matters with other students, /student parents, or Al Huda staff.

To ensure delivering the trusts of these funds duly, applicants may be asked to provide documented proof for any of the information provided above. Without necessary proof being established, decision may not be solicited.

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