Baby Led Feeding Practices Post-Test
Please fill out this test AFTER you have attended the Baby Led Feeding Practices Online Workshop.
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What percentage of working mothers will quit breastfeeding within 1 month of returning to work? *
How would you compare breastmilk and formula? *
The method used to feed a baby a bottle will affect their health short and long term. *
Breastmilk is the normal food for infants, and feeding infant formula actually increases health risks for babies.
Infant caregivers do not play a role in the relationship of a breastfeeding mother and her baby. *
A baby can gain a preference for bottle feeding and reject the breast. *
How much milk does a six week old baby, weighing at least 10lbs drink in 24 hours? *
Babies under 1 year old should increase the amount of milk they are drinking until they are drinking 6-8oz bottles at each feeding. *
Which food represents the approximate size of an infant’s stomach when it reaches maximum capacity around 6-8 weeks? *
How many days can freshly expressed breastmilk last in a refrigerator?
It is best to warm breastmilk in a microwave. *
You should never shake breastmilk, but swirl it instead to stir in separated fat. *
Which of these factors listed are benefits of paced bottle feeding? *
Which of these hunger cues will baby use last after early hunger cues are ignored?
Which of the descriptions below describes Baby Led Weaning? *
Which of these is NOT a sign of readiness for introducing solid foods?
Baby Led Feeding Practices means using paced bottle feeding, following baby’s lead and watching for hunger and satiety cues, tracking how much a baby is eating, and having open communication about feeding with the mother.
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