Course Proposals Quarter 4
This form is required for all courses taught, regardless of the form having been completed for an earlier course. This information is used for our quarterly newsletter, and therefore must be complete prior to the quarter in which you wish to teach.

Course dates and deadlines will be set by RAG program staff.

February 21 to appear in 2nd Quarter Newsletter (Apr, May, Jun)

May 25 to appear in 3rd Quarter Newsletter (July, Aug, Sep)

Aug 17 to appear in 4th Quarter Newsletter (Oct, Nov, Dec)

Oct 20 to appear in 1st Quarter Newsletter (Jan, Feb, Mar)

All class descriptions use the following format: (Course Title) with (Teacher's First and Last Name) / Ages (00-100) / Day of Week, Month Day, Time (am/pm). $(cost) member / $(cost) nonmember.

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Please give me dates that will work for you (give me first, second and third choices). No classes will be offered on Sundays. You will receive an email from Programming later with final dates chosen. This is to avoid too many programs on the same day.
Please list any dates that you know you absolutely CANNOT teach (i.e. vacations, out of town, etc.) *
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In three sentences, please write the description of your course to be used in the newsletter, in press releases for the newspaper, on the website and on Facebook (in other words, this will be seen by the masses). Ex: "It's chilly outside, so even the animals are tucked away in their homes! In this sculpting class, we're going to be making an owl peeking out of a gourd. We will be using epoxy clay and sculpting them step-by-step to make it appear like a real owl is hiding inside it! If time provides, we will also be painting them (or getting started with tips to help you finish it on your own). Students will go home with one sculpted owl-in-a-gourd, mounted on a wooden base." (Thanks, Cara Bevan, for an awesome description!) *
Please upload an image of a finished course project or product. For example, if you are teaching a weaving course, please upload a finished woven item. If your course is not product or project driven (such as music), please upload an image you would like to represent your course. All files must be .jpeg *
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