Yo Crypto 2.0 - Platinum Club membership form
We invite you to join the exclusive "Yo Crypto Platinum Club™" !!!

Yo Crypto Platinum Club™ membership is available as per the fees structure below:

Option 1: 3 Months Membership - 0.05 BTC

Option 2: 6 Months Membership - 0.08 BTC

Option 3: 1 Year Membership - 0.12 BTC

To join, please send Bitcoin (BTC) to the address mentioned below and fill up the form and submit. Please note that the membership fee is excluding of transaction fee and you will have to be mindful of that.

BTC Address:

Email: yocrypto1@gmail.com

Telegram direct message username: @ronnybuoy

Yo Crypto Platinum Club™ Membership Benefits:

1) Margin trading on BitMEX - We give margin call recommendations to trade on BitMEX
Join BitMEX using this link to get 10% discount on trading fees: https://www.bitmex.com/register/WLLeji

2) Coin recommendations: We will provide you with Short-term/ Medium-term and Long-term coin recommendations which are expected to perform good based on analysis. Our recommendations are based on both technical analysis and fundamental analysis (Project Roadmap, Active development news) along with some insider news.

3) Personalized Support: We shall restrict personalized support only to the platinum club members. In case platinum club members have any queries or doubts or want to know about how to trade in market, our expert team will help you learn that.

We are proud of our team which has members who have multiple years of experience in stock trading and are well versed with technical analysis and are good with numbers and predictions.

If you are interested, please make the BTC deposit and complete registration by submitting the form below. You will be added to the platinum club as soon as the transaction gets confirmed.

Yo Crypto Platinum Club™ welcomes you !!!

Yo Crypto Platinum Club/ Yo Crypto Signals channel is not registered to provide investment advice and are simply providing an opinion on the market behavior basis their analysis and experience.
Any information shared within Yo Crypto Platinum Club/ Yo Crypto Signals channel is not a legal/investment/financial advice, but pure information/knowledge sharing only. It is your sole responsibility on how you process this information and implement in your personal trading investments. Yo Crypto Platinum Club/ Yo Crypto Signals/ @yocrypto/ @ronnybuoy (telegram handle) hereby withdraws any legal liability pertaining to your trades.
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