Call for Submission - MilanoR
R users, it's time to share your ideas and knowledge!
For 30 days starting today, you can propose yourself to present at one of our Milano R events, or to write for our blog.

Please feel free to submit one or more proposal(s) in Italian or English with the following presentation formats:

* Article: an R blog post or R tutorial as the one that you can see on
* Regular talk: 20-45 minutes presentation including questions and answers on R related topics
* Lightning talk: 15 slides shown for 20 seconds, 5 min in total.
* R-Lab: an open data science problem that we can solve all together: it can be a dataset to explore, a shinyapp to build, a modelling problem to handle, etc... The R-Lab can last for 3 hours in the evening or for an entire day on a Saturday
* Workshop (2 hours): Tutorial for 20-50 (or more) people on a beginner or advanced R topic

MilanoR is a user group dedicated to bring together R users. Our aim is to exchange knowledge, tricks and provide to R beginners an opportunity to meet more experienced users.

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