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Here you can share your intention for joining our upcoming Akashic Facilitation Training Program starting August 19th until October 21st (plus 60 days of support afterwards bringing us to the end of 2021). The training is held completely online with deep group and 1:1 support and experiential, embodied practice. Thanks for your consideration - we love receiving all that's on your heart and calling you forth into a new expression of leadership and service.
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This program is a Facilitator Training and Certification program initiating you into depth, presence and devotion to your spiritual growth, expansion and embodied leadership. This program invites you to commit to a daily energetic practice, energetic mastery protocols, meditation and other rituals to support your refined discernment and clarity. As this process will be deeply healing and activating of all your senses and sensitivity in general, it is strongly recommended that you abstain from all mind-altering substances for the duration of our training as well as commit to complete sobriety (at least) within 24 hours of our group sessions and 1:1 sessions with Sydney. How's that sound? *
The investment for this program is $3,300.00USD or $3,000.00USD if you opt to pay in full for the 9-week program or you can invest an $888.00USD deposit followed by 9 payments of $269.00 over a 9-week period. Your investment includes: - 9 weeks of deep support and guidance in group container plus 60 days support in WhatsApp following program end, - Four 1:1 attunement/channeling sessions with Sydney in Zoom, - Access to curated group of fellow Facilitators with whom you'll learn and share with as well as practice in guided sessions to refine your channeling capacities and discernment, - Energetic transmissions and attunements curated throughout the group journey to amplify desired manifestations and intentions, - Clearly designed and curated coursework, assignments and relevant resources including books, video trainings, meditations and more to bolster your Practitioner knowledge (delivered via email and discussed via WhatsApp), - Six 90-min Zoom Calls for group training, support, Q+A and live coaching. How would you like to honor this sacred exchange? *
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