Haisley Science Olympiad Event Application 2020
Welcome to the Haisley WESO 2020 team! This years tournament is going to be held at Pioneer High School on May 9th. Mark your calendars :)

This form is the first step in the registration process. To be fully registered you must also fill out the Medical Card and Participant Release Forms found in the registration side bar at haisleypto.org/weso. These forms should be emailed to jim.e.carey@gmail.com or you can take a picture of the finished form and text them to Jim at 617-233-8561.

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible. Teams for each event will be determined as soon as possible and we will email you the results. Priority will be given to the earliest submissions and event coach volunteers. Registration opens on December 19th and as long as there are unfilled events you can still sign up.

WESO and the Haisley team are run completely by volunteers. In order to have your child participate this year we are requiring that a parent/guardian volunteer to either coach an event or serve as a volunteer on May 9th at the WESO tournament. Volunteer shifts on the 9th are at most 4 hours and require no knowledge of the events. We are here to support coaches and volunteers throughout the process. It's fun and painless - we promise :)

If you have questions about the application process or events please write us at jim.e.carey@gmail.com
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WESO cannot happen without volunteers. You must select one of the options below. Contact jim.e.carey@gmail.com with any questions. Children of coaches will have priority in event selection if there is a conflict. *
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