RVS The Farm Student Application 2021/22
Rocky View Schools students will take up their full grade 9 or 10 curriculum on The Farm, including core subjects, without ever having to set foot in a traditional classroom. ALL students from across Rocky View Schools will be encouraged to apply to the program and 40 students will be selected. The entire curriculum will be delivered through the lens of agriculture, with the “classroom” being a portable building and The Farm itself. The Farm will create an engaging learning environment steeped in agriculture while addressing all aspects of the
relevant curriculum.
Students have a choice on how to apply for The Farm
1) this online application
2) a video submission answering applicants' responses to questions
3) email one of the teachers (Mark Turner maturner@rockyview.ab.ca) to arrange a face to face interview.

While experience in agriculture in not necessary, it is important that you have some interest in agriculture. Topics under the umbrella of agriculture include areas such as animals; growing vegetables and crops; farming and
ranching; technology; science; environmental sustainability; economics; business; marketing, working with your hands, etc. The Farm teachers are looking for students who exhibit a willingness to try new things and collaboration skills. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.
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Why are you interested in The Farm? What about this program is appealing to you as a learner? *
Describe, using specific examples, how you demonstrate strength in collaborating with others. Please discuss your ability to collaborate with others in a variety of settings, including school, work, at home, on teams, in clubs, or in other contexts. Please share examples of collaboration with peers and adults, and why collaborative skills have value. *
Describe, using specific examples, your ability to and interest in, trying out new things that have pushed you out of your comfort zone. Please include how you manage discomfort when trying new things, and why you think trying and learning new things is important. *
Please provide the names and contact information of two adults (teachers, principals, coaches, employers, etc.) that would endorse you entering this program.
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