Prague Burlesque Festival Application
A Deep Side Production

presented by Sonny Vargas and Miss Cool Cat

The 3rd Annual International

Prague Burlesque Festival

March 8th & 9th, 2019

ROYAL Theatre & Club Chic

Vinohradská 48, 120 00 Prague 2 - Vinohrady

Czech Republic

Important dates:

Application period begins: September 2018

Application deadline: December 31th 2018

Announcements: January 11th 2019

Why should I apply to Prague Burlesque Festival?

We’re an inspiring festival of variety arts and burlesque, that will take place in the Golden City of Prague 2019. A 100 years earlier, Prague used to be one of the richest and most cultural places in Europe, with the biggest film studios at the time, even topping Hollywood. The peak of this era also emerged vaudeville, cabaret and of course burlesque. Later, after years of suffering several occupations and political suppression, the Velvet Revolution brought attention back to Prague again. Sonny Vargas and Miss Cool Cat, are the producers of a non-competing burlesque happening, which will connect open minded individuals with respect to gender equality.

How to apply:

We accept electronic applications only. Please, fill out the following application form, upload all requested material and check the sign button at the end.

With this application form, we are inviting you to apply for the "3rd Annual Prague Burlesque Festival 2019". If you are applying as a duo or a group, you only have to fill out one application form.​

Application fee:

The 15€ non-refundable application fee must be paid in advance to processed your application. Payments must be made via PayPal to: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make sure you note your legal name as well as your performer name in the payment. Please, do not forget to upload the PayPal receipt for your payment in your application form!

Application footage:

Your application must include a link to footage of the act you wish to perform. There are no exceptions to this rule. The quality of the film/lighting/background etc. is not of great concern, what we need is to see your routine properly. Please note that all material must be made publicly available on-line and that we won’t log in anywhere, join any sites or download any material. (We prefer YouTube and Vimeo)

Please note, that there is a very strict time limit for acts! Solo/ duo and group acts should not exceed 6:00 minutes. The maximum time you have on stage really is 6:00 minutes. Acts that are longer than 6:00 minutes will automatically not be taken into consideration.


Please note that the Prague Burlesque Festival does not cover any of your expenses in conjunction with the festival. However if you are selected to perform you will receive a small fee.

Czech solo performers will receive in total CZK 1300.-

Czech duo performers will receive in total CZK 1800.-

International solo performers will receive in total CZK 2600.-

International duo performers will receive in total CZK 3100.-

International troupes will receive in total CZK 3600.-

* in case of second night performance we pay additional CZK 500.-

To be eligible for payment you must be able to invoice Prague Burlesque Festival for your fee within 14 days of performing. Our company details:

DEEP SIDE s.r.o.

Vlašimská 6

101 00 Praha 10

Czech Republic

VAT: CZ26170141

For your application to be considered, please make sure the following is included:

- Video link to footage of your act(s).
- One or two or more promotional photograph's - named with your name and the photographer's name!
- A receipt of your PayPal payment for the application fee.
- Completed and checked/signed application form.

Terms & Conditions:

By confirming your application to Prague Burlesque Festival you agree that, should you be selected to perform, your name and promotional photograph may be used freely for press and promotional purposes in connection with the festival.

By appearing in one of the Prague Burlesque Festival events you agree to being photographed and filmed on stage and in the venues without making any claims on the material.

If you are selected to perform in one of the events of the festival you must provide Prague Burlesque Festival with a proper invoice for your fee within 14 days after the festival in order to receive payment. You are responsible for making sure the invoice is complete and that it complies with the tax and business laws of your region. Find our company [DEEP SIDE s.r.o.] details above.

If you are selected to perform you agree to promote the festival through your web page, newsletter and Facebook page if you have them, for at least four weeks prior to the festival.

If you appear in one of the Prague Burlesque Festival events, you agree to not perform in Prague for six weeks prior to, and two weeks following, the festival. This rule does not include Czech performers.

If you receive an offer to appear in the festival you must commit to it within seven days of it being sent out, or your place will go to another applicant.

Performers will receive a festival pass for both nights. Backstage will be accessible only during the night of your performance. It is strictly prohibited to take anybody to the backstage. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any guest-list.

Over-size props must be consulted prior. Please remember the handling and responsibility is entirely up to you.

Aerial acts and fire acts (depends on the act) are welcome!

Full nudity is not allowed! Save the tease!!!

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