Roberta Bondar - Bullying Reporting Form
Are you being bullied?

Is someone you know being bullied?

You can report bullying to the School Administration (Mrs. Patterson and Mr. G) with this form.

Bullying is a pattern of repeated aggressive behaviour, with intent to harm, directed from one person or more persons to one or more individuals, where there is a power imbalance.

Bullying is when when a person or people make someone else feel scared or bad about themselves. Bullying can be words that people say (mean comments), hands-on (hitting or pushing) or other actions that make a person feel unsafe at school.

Bullying is when the bad behavior happens more than once or twice.

If someone is being bullied, please talk to a teacher or fill in this form. This will help us fix the problem.

Thank you for helping to stop bullying at Roberta Bondar School.

Who are you?
What is the name and class of the person being bullied?
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What are the names and classes of the people who are bullying?
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What does the bullying look like?
Where does the bullying happen?
For how long has the bullying been happening?
How many times has this happened?
Is there anything else you can tell us about the bullying?
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