Chagiga Daf 12 Quiz
Due Monday, February 10th at 11:59 pm EST *This Bechina is closed Gemara only!
Test is Gemara Rashi Only
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1. Our גמרא says ותשת עלי כפך is referring to ד' doing what to אדם הראשון? *
10 points
2. Which distance is greater? *
10 points
3. In our גמרא what does the term מדת יום ומדת לילה refer to?
10 points
4. Our גמרא records that ד' created ten items on יום ראשון. Which of the following choices is NOT part of this list?
10 points
5. What did ד' do with the אור that He created on יום ראשון?
10 points
6. What does our גמרא learn from the extra word in the phrase “ואת הארץ”?
10 points
7. Which was created quicker?
10 points
8. In the פסוק “יומם יצוה ד' חסדו”, who does our גמרא say ד' is commanding”?
10 points
9. In which one of the רקיעים is the שמש, ירח, וכוכבים?
10 points
10. In which one of the רקיעים does ד' store the טל that He will use for תחיית המתים?
10 points
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