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Parliamentary Debate: The Journal of the National Parliamentary Debate Association is dedicated to the publication of original scholarship aimed at advancing our thinking about and practice of competitive forensics, especially parliamentary debate. Diverse approaches to forensics scholarship and pedagogy are both welcome and encouraged. Articles may focus narrowly on the practice of parliamentary debate or address issues of relevance to forensics defined more broadly.
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Upload your cover letter following manuscript preparation directions. "Along with the manuscript prepare a separate file as a cover letter. In this file include a history of the manuscript, whether it is derived from an MA thesis or PhD dissertation with the advisor’s name, whether it has been presented at a convention, or other pertinent information about its development.
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Upload your manuscript following manuscript preparation directions. "All submitted manuscripts must conform to either the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition, or to the MLA Style Manual, 8th edition. Manuscripts should also observe guidelines for eliminating ethnic or sexist bias in language. Research involving the use of human subjects must be approved by an institutional review board to be published in 'Parliamentary Debate: The Journal of the National Parliamentary Debate Association.' Manuscripts must not be under consideration by another publication. When submitting, please provide an abstract of 100 words or less with a list of five suggested key words. Typical manuscripts should be between 5,000-8,000 words, including all references, notes, and other content.
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