GRACE RIVER Reopening Survey
Let us know where you are at regarding the following questions. Your answers to this important survey will help us plan for the phases of reopening our church. Please also take the time to give us your most current contact information so we can make sure you receive the latest updates each step of the way as we reopen.

Thank you too for bearing with us - we've never done this before! We will always continue to provide you with options to worship from home via recorded or live-streamed worship.
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1. When would you feel safe returning to large group worship at church? *
2. Would you feel comfortable wearing a facemask in church? *
3. Would you feel comfortable with others wearing a facemask in church? *
4. Will you be OK with following posted signs and procedures regarding distancing, safe-practices, and sanitation? *
5. With reduced capacity, will you be willing to sign-up for a Sunday service so we can make sure we have enough seats for you and your family? *
6. Are you OK with sitting in assigned seating/being ushered to specific seats in the sanctuary? *
7. How do you currently feel about bringing your children to church with you? *
8. If you have children, when would you feel comfortable with them attending our Sunday Family Ministry classes? *
9. Would you attend someone's home (like your Community Group) to worship on Sunday with a group of 10 or less people to watch our livestream, fellowship, and have community? (This would give space to others in the Sanctuary) *
10. Would you host a Sunday in-home worship group of 10 or less people to join together to watch the livestream, fellowship and have community? (Again, this would free up space to others in the Sanctuary) *
11. Will you volunteer to clean and sanitize the church before, during, and/or after service(s)? *
12. If you are on a ministry team (Welcome, Prayer, Life Safety, etc.) when will you be willing to resume serving at church on Sundays? *
13. Do you or someone in your household have health issues which make you more concerned about COVID-19? *
14. My age group is: *
15. Please share any comments, questions, PRAISES, PRAYERS, or concerns you have
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