The Drop Zone
The deadline to submit your request for a box in the Drop Zone was October 18, however there will be extra boxes available at the conference, and you'll be able to complete your form on the spot. Just ask one of the volunteers for directions to the Drop Zone, located in the main ballroom.

Back by popular demand, the Drop Zone is a designated space where participating presenters and DJs will be assigned their own box for collecting attendee CDs &/or One Sheets. While we believe that personal contact is best, it’s not always easy to connect with every artist, presenter or DJ. Artists simply drop by The Drop Zone, read the instructions, and choose which boxes they will fill. Presenters & DJs interested in participating please fill out this form.

When you arrive at the conference, please visit the Drop Zone area, located in the main ballroom. Please leave a stack of your business cards (or flyers, or something with your name on it) near your box. As performers leave their materials, they will pick up your card so they'll be able to make contact with your later.

Please be sure to pick up your box before you leave the conference.Any questions - please contact
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