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Event Date: October 7, 2023
Event Address: Pace Park, Salado, TX
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MLM Vendor and Food Truck Information
1) Regarding MLMs - Only 1 vendor per product

2) A maximum of 6 food trucks will be allowed. No duplication of food type.

Your spot is not secured until paid for.
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Festival Venue Map - Pace Park Salado 
The festival will be held at Pace Park in Salado, TX. Please choose the booth size that meets your needs.  

All vendor payments are fully refundable until May 1, 2023. 
Tax ID -  Please make sure when reporting sales tax for this event that proceeds go to the Village of Salado. Thank you for helping to support our community!! - If you fall under the Texas Cottage Food Law, you are not required to have a sales tax ID. Additional Information is available at this address - *
Where will you be staying during this event?  ***If you are staying at a hotel/ VRBO / B&B / etc. in Salado, please let us know which one.*** *
Please list any special requests here. We will do our best to accommodate.
RULES & REGULATIONS FOR VENDOR PARTICIPATION To ensure a successful and safe event we have adopted the following Rules. 1.) Vendor booths: Cannot be subleased or assigned any part of the vendor booth to other parties. Vendors are allowed only to promote their product from inside their assigned booth. Displays, chairs, tables, tents and props are to be provided by the vendor. All items including chairs, boxes and any other item(s) must be inside the vendor's booth(s)and such items may not obstruct another vendor’s booth. Tent stakes are not allowed due to the karsts in our area. Weights must be used to secure your tent and awning, recommended 45lb per leg. If more space is needed,we recommend purchasing an additional booth. 2.) Age requirements: All booths must have at least 1 person over 18 years of age. All vendors and person(s) assisting the vendor must abide by all rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the vendor to make sure the person(s) assisting them understand the event rules. 3.) Prohibited Items: the sale of animals, firearms and objectionable material is prohibited. Vendor may only sell items that are listed on the vendor’s application and approved by Sirena Creekside Carnaval's Management Team. All applications are subject to approval. 4.) Sales Tax: Must be collected and reported. This is required by State Law. Vendors are required to have a Resale Tax ID and pay all applicable City and State taxes for merchandise sold at the event. You must provide your Resale Sales Tax ID # on your vendor application. For information on obtaining a Texas Sales Tax permit, please contact the Texas State Comptroller’s office at (800) 252-5555 or call (512) 463-4600 in Austin. Information is also available online at We are not qualified to counsel you on tax laws and requirements. 5.) Food Trucks and Food Vendors: Must provide proof of required Health Certificates and/ or food handler certificates. 6.) Inclement Weather: All attempts will be made to hold the event; however, in the event of inclement weather cancellation, the decision will be made the morning of the event and will be posted on the Sirena's Creekside Carnaval Webpage and Facebook Page. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN. 7.) Vendor No Shows and Cancellation: If you are not able to attend, a courtesy call is expected 48 hours prior to the show. No refund or credit will be given for any cancellations. If you are a NO SHOW /NO CALL you can be suspended from future events. If you arrive late (after set up time is complete) you will not be allowed to participate for that show. 8.) Equipment: public address systems, generators and any other sound equipment that interferes with the success of other vendors may be prohibited upon the discretion the event coordinators. We also reserve the right to relocate a vendor for any reason as well as the right to settle any disputes. If you need Assistance find an event coordinator 9.) Trash: All Vendors will be responsible for their own trash in and around their booth area, as well as the disposal throughout the event. Any items left behind will be considered trash and disposed of immediately following the event. Violators could also be subject to a citation by the City. 10.) Set-up: Details will be sent a week prior to the event, by signing this you agree to follow instructions given at that time 11.) Tear Down: Details will be sent a week prior to the event, by signing this you agree to follow instructions given at that time 12) Health and Safety: Be responsible and stay home if you have a fever or do not feel well. Wash your hands regularly. *
You will be notified by email when you have been approved (this may take up to 10 days). At that time you will receive a Square invoice and will have 7 days to complete payment. If you fail to pay your invoice within the 7 day period, the next person on our waiting list selling your same product will be given the option to take your spot. *
LIABILITY RELEASE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe Vendor agrees to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth herein and such other rules as may be established or amended by the Sirena's Creekside Carnaval Management Team, and any officers/ persons associated with this event. Vendor will sell only those items or conduct those activities that have been specifically approved in writing. Furthermore, Vendor hereby releases, forever discharges and holds harmless Sirena's Creekside Carnaval coordinators and Legacy Salado Inc. members from any responsibility or liability for loss, claims, damages, theft, negligence, injury, accident,or injury resulting in death from activities conducted in preparation for, during and immediately following Sirena's Creekside Carnaval or the use of city premises for those purposes. Vendor assumes full and complete responsibility and will hold harmless Sirena's Creekside Carnaval, Legacy Salado Inc., Bell County, City of Salado, employees, its officers, council members, directors, coordinators, organizers, servants, agents, employees and/or volunteers from any loss, loss of profits, damage, or injury to the person(s) or property of the Vendor or Assistants/agents,Customers or invitees/guests. It is further agreed that Booth Vendor shall maintain his/her booth, merchandise, activities and business practices in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. Booth Vendor understands that violation or non-compliance with the release or any rule, regulation, law, ordinance, or decree may result in immediate expulsion of Booth Vendor and his/her exhibit from the event without a refund of any applicable fees paid. Booth Vendor will be responsible for all ‘booth” setup and take down of merchandise, displays and tents or covers. It is further understood that each Booth Vendor is responsible for assuring that all items in his/her booth are well secured in the event of inclement weather, i.e. wind, rain, etc., and weights must be used to secure all corners and parts of tent used in the booth (along with tables, shelves, hanging racks, etc.), so they cannot blow into or damage another booth operator’s booth/merchandise. No stakes are allowed. In the event that any Booth Vendor’s tent or any contents of the booth causes damage to another vendor’s booth due to negligence on his/her part, the Booth Operator/ Vendor will be responsible for those damages. It is the responsibility of each Booth Vendor to carry insurance for protection. Furthermore, Booth Vendor has read and agrees to adhere to the Vendor Rules, Regulations, and Requirements included in this application and understands that there are NO REFUNDS, rain dates, or credit after May 1, 2023 once application has been accepted and approved. *
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