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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this reference form.
As we are working with children, we take our responsibility very seriously and appreciate your help in our hiring process. Although we may have spoken to you already, our camp requires that we have written references on file for each applicant. Please feel free to contact us at (914) 725-4876 with any questions or additional information. Please complete all questions and comment wherever possible.
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Above Average
Applicant's ability to stay focused on the job (ie: ability to avoid socializing with peers at inappropriate times, etc.)
Applicant's ability and willingness to cooperate with supervisors.
Applicant's work ethic. Will applicant give extra effort and time to complete a task beyond what is asked?
Applicant's ability to get along with others and maintain a positive and friendly work attitude.
How would you characterize the quality of this applicant's relationships with children?
How would you evaluate the applicant's effectiveness as a role model? Did the applicant's behavior and use of language promote values that were consistent with yours or those of your organization?
Evaluate the applicant's organizational abilities.
Evaluate the applicant's ability to be on time and prepared.
Evaluate the applicant's attitude towards maintaining a clean and healthy work environment.
Please comment on any of the above ratings.
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Please comment on any of the applicant's personal qualities that you feel make this applicant a good candidate for working with children in a camp setting. *
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Have you witnessed behavior on the part of this applicant that you feel would negatively affect the applicant's ability or appropriateness to work with children? *
If you answered "YES" to the previous question, please comment.
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Would you hire/rehire this applicant to work in your organization? *
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Is there any other information you believe we should be aware of?
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