Tractive Tune - Customer Details & Requirements
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What shox are you tractive tuning? *
What make is your frame? *
eg Specialized, Transition, Norco etc
What model is your frame? *
eg Patrol, Enduro Elite
What wheel size is your frame? *
What year is your frame? *
What size frame is your bike *
How much travel does your frame have? *
How aggressively do you ride? *
Your self-assessment of your level of riding aggression on a scale of 1-10 (1 = beginner, 5 = average weekend rider, 10 = EWS/WC racer)
EWS/World Cup Racer
How fast is the terrain you typically ride? *
(1 being quite flat, technical, XC-oriented terrain where you're not moving very fast, 5 being typical enduro-style trails, 10 being extremely fast & rough terrain such as bike parks)
Fairly slow terrain
Extremely fast trails
How much do you love a good huck? *
(1 being rarely leaving the ground, 5 being the occasional 3ft drop or 15ft double, 10 being "I am Remy Metailler")
Wheels firmly on the ground thank you
I break trail bike frames all the time for some reason
How much do you prioritise bump compliance vs support? *
How you prioritise, on a scale of 1 to 5, bump compliance vs support, with 1 being prioritisation of bump compliance above all else, 5 being prioritisation of support in critical situations/big hits above all else, and 3 being equal importance placed on both.
Plushest, smoothest possible, support not a big concern
Support critical, I can take a beating
What is your shock's current air pressure? or coil spring rate? *
What is you current rider sag setting?
Do you have any specific issues with performance right now that you want addressed? *
Examples: cannot use full travel, too easy to bottom out, excessively harsh, no support in the middle of the stroke, cannot get rebound slow enough, something is making a knocking sound, shock has no damping etc. Any other comments or requests should also be entered here.
Is there any damage or functional problem that you know of with your shock right now? *
Once form is submitted please email us at with you full details as well as putting your details on your shox before sending it in. *
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