Sound tech
This is for students to fill in once they have done a training day.
Four of the questions will be marked later by Mrs Bell and added on to your score.
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Setting up the sound system, turn the AMPLIFIER on *
1 point
When finished, turn the amplifier off *
1 point
When setting up mics on stage always leave the leads *
1 point
If the lecturn mic isn’t working, which of the following should you check? *
Check as many as you think apply!
7 points
Two of these words can mean the same thing. Which one has a different meaning? *
1 point
Always tighten knobs before adjusting mic stands. *
1 point
Which of the following requires phantom power? *
6 points
On a mixer channel what do the following controls do? *
Hi, Mids, lows
Left / right speakers
pre-amp level
Which are TRUE? *
Check as many as you think apply
3 points
In an XLR cable, the sound signal goes *
1 point
On the end of a mic there are *
1 point
What is the name of this mic? *
1 point
Captionless Image
Describe a sound chain. Name four objects the signal may travel through (in the correct order!) *
Your answer
What is the the most common use of these?
connect XLR from to keyboard, amp, computer
vocals (singing)
speaker (person)
Match the leads *
Jack to jack
IEC cable
Mic lead
guitar lead
Power cord or Jug cord
What do you need the video switcher for? *
Check as many as you think apply
4 points
LED lights are turned on *
2 points
Which three things do you do to get the lights working? *
3 points
What is "Sends on Fader" for? *
(On the digital X32 desk)
2 points
Why might the camera and sound not be working on the Foyer TV? *
Check all that you think apply
5 points
I can French coil leads
Training Day Evaluation *
How helpful did you find the training day? What was the most useful thing about the day? What could have made the day more useful?
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