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Earth Activist Training is looking for Mentors for our new Regenerative Land Management Program!

Mentors will work with one or more students to help guide them through the program, plan their goals, find internships and apprenticeships and document their learning.

Please keep your answers concise--we're looking for paragraphs, not essays!

For complete RLM Mentorship details, visit { https://earthactivisttraining.org/rlmtraining-mentorship-registration/ }
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Briefly describe your relevant experience, and which areas of our curriculum (https://earthactivisttraining.org/courses/regenerative-land-management-training-program/) you are experienced at or familiar with.
What experience do you have teaching, counseling or mentoring?
Earth Activist Training has a commitment to increasing diversity in the regenerative movement, and furthering access to land for communities who have previously been excluded. We are also committed to sharing tools and skills of regeneration with communities on the front lines of environmental and justice struggles. How would your participation as a mentor further those goals?
Please give us contact information for someone who can tell us more about your experience and coaching skills.
We appreciate your time and intention to join our brand new program. Someone will be with you soon!
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