Teacher Feedback form on syllabus (IQAC Form -1)
Feedback for Review of Syllabus
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2. Syllabus is suitable to the course *
3. Syllabus is need based *
4. The syllabus clarify the teaching goals *
5. Aims & objectives of the syllabus are well defined *
6. Course content is followed by reference material *
7. Sufficient number of books are available in the library *
8. The syllabus has good balance between theory and application *
9. The syllabus has made me interested in the subject area *
10. The syllabus has enhanced my knowledge and perspective in the subject area *
11. The books prescribed are relevant and updated *
12. I have the freedom to adopt new strategies and techniques in teaching *
13. I have the freedom to propose, modify, suggest or incorporate new topics in the syllabus *
14. The College provides adequate support for research facilities *
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