Application for Employment @ Movement Ground Farm
This application is for both the Farm manager and Crew Member positions at Movement Ground Farm. Please read the entire job description posted on our blog at BEFORE filling out this application.
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When are you available to start work? Must be before or on March 1st for Farm Manager Position, and before May 15 for Crew Member.
Are you interested in the shared housing option?
How did you get into farming and how many seasons have you actively farmed? Please keep answer to less than 2 paragraphs
Which systems of oppression (white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism) have impacted your life the most? Please elaborate but keep answer to less than 2 paragraphs
Do you have solid experience with the following? Check all that apply
Why are you interested in this position at Movement Ground Farm? Please keep answer to less than 2 paragraphs
Please list two references we can call.
Please list farms you have worked on before and include name of farm, location, position, and # of seasons.
Any other related experience? Please keep answer to less than 2 paragraphs
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