Emergency Management Group Volunteer Interest Form
Complete this form to indicate interest in volunteering with Emergency Management Group - Washington.
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List someone who will not typically be at the events you volunteer for.
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HAM callsign (if licensed):
Enter your callsign if you possess a HAM license, otherwise leave blank.
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Incident Command System and Medical Training
Please check yes to indicate whether you have completed any of the following training.
ICS-100: Intro to Incident Command System
ICS-200: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
ICS-300: Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents
ICS-400: Advanced Incident Command
ICS-700: National Incident Management System
IS-15b: Special Events Contingency Planning
Other ICS Training
Medical Certifications
Please check to indicate which current medical training and/or certifications you possess, if any.
Role Information
We seek individuals interested in any aspect of emergency management. As a volunteer organization, individuals determine the amount of time and energy they commit. We encourage participation by emergency management groups as a part of their on-going training and team building.
Event Operations Roles
Depending on the event that EMG is supporting, we have the need for individuals with a variety of expertise and knowledge. Event operations roles typically require completion of ICS 100, 200, and 700 prior to the event. Please check all areas of interest or skill.
EMG Support Roles
EMG additionally needs personnel to support the administrative operations of the organization. Personnel in these roles may or may not have emergency management experience or training, and are also available for staff who work event operations. Please indicate all areas of interest.
Skills and Experience
Other Skills and Experience
Please enter any additional information, skills, experience, or training related to the areas of interest you have selected.
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Group Affiliations
Please check any emergency service group affiliations you have.
Agency Affiliation:
If you are affiliated with a particular agency (Fire, SAR, etc.) list it here.
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Emergency Worker / DEM Number:
If you have a state emergency worker or DEM number, list it here.
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Other Notes
Please indicate any mobility concerns or other information that will impact role assignment.
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