DF ICA World Council Membership - Expression of Interest
The Interim DF ICA Executive Group is seeking applications for initial membership from all countries prior to the first World Council meeting scheduled for June 2021.

This form aims to collect information that will help the Interim Secretary start a formal Membership application process. The objective is to ensure that as many eligible countries have a voting voice at the World Council's inaugural meeting.

Note: The intention is that each country will complete this form once via a nominated representative. Please coordinate locally before filling this form out. (If multiple applications from the same country, an effort will be made to help coordinate a single representative).

For more information about country eligibility, please refer to Section 6 in the DF ICA Constitution.
Email address *
Country *
The country/region for which you are applying for World Council Membership.
Does your country have 5 or more DF sailors who are affiliated with IRSA and World Sailing through a national Radio Sailing body (DNM)? *
Has your country held a National Championship (or equivalent) at any time over the last 2 years? *
If a National Championship (or equivalent) has been held, approximately how many boats were at the two most recent championships?
Note: Once your application is processed we'll seek further information on this topic to calculate your country's vote count.
What best describes how the DF Classes are administered in your country? *
How are sail/hull numbers registered and coordinated in the country?
Who is the predominant supplier of DF boats in your region?
i.e. How do most people purchase DF boats?
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