Arts-based Jewish Education Video Series Online Survey
Thank you so much for watching some (and hopefully all) of our Arts-based videos! We’d love to hear your feedback about several items below.

Oh, and did we mention, that each week we'll pull out one survey respondent and send them a $50 gift card! And that we'll include all of the responses from the previous week! So respond early and be eligible each week! YOU MUST ENTER AN EMAIL ADDRESS AT THE END TO BE ELIGIBLE.

1. Overall, how would you describe the Arts-based videos?
2. What intrigues you about an Arts-based Jewish educational model?
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3. Would you like to know more...about this model (this educational approach)? About other models?
Not at this time
This model (Arts-based Jewish Ed)
Other models
4a. What did you think of the following elements across the three videos?
Terrific! Really enjoyed.
Interesting but with some hesitations.
Missed the mark for me (please add a comment below)
The profiles of these arts educators and programs
The video format (length, music, quality)
The animation in the videos
Delivering professional/lay learning in this way
4b. Please consider adding a comment about the previous question.
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5. Thinking about your overall experience with these short Arts-based videos, what, if anything, did you really like and what, if anything, did not work for you or left you wanting more?
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6. Would you like to see us do more of these digital experiments (using different online formats to deliver professional development that is meant to trigger your thinking and action)?
Sorry. Think there's a better way to go.
We’d like to know a little about you…
A. Are you an educator, lay leader, Jewish communal professional (or someone else)?
B. How did you hear about the Arts-based videos?
C. If you would like to stay in touch and possibly participate in one of our focus groups, please enter your email address below:
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Thank you!
On behalf of the The Digital Experiments Team at The Jewish Education Project, thank you for your time and your feedback!
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