Advanced Course Content Ideas
Hey All! So, since the release of The Beginner Malware Analysis course and the Zero2Hero course, Vitali and I have received a huge number of requests to put out a more advanced one, so we've been drafting up a few ideas based on what we've heard from a few of you who did either course. You can check out the drafted syllabus below, and we'd love to hear your opinions on it, as well as anything you'd like to see added to it - or even what could be improved upon from the first courses such as something like audio quality, slide layout, etc. We plan to do a couple "updates" over the coming months, to make sure we create the best course possible, so we appreciate any feedback that you give! To add to this, we'll be giving a 10% off discount code (for the next course) to all of those who have completed this survey, so make sure you put a correct email address in!

Drafted Syllabus ->
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