La Mesa Yearbook Application 2020-21
The La Mesa Yearbook program is open to both seventh and eighth grade students (this is the application for next year’s seventh graders only). If you are chosen, Yearbook would be your elective class. A limited number of students will be selected from a competitive application process.

Application must be complete by Thursday, May 21st.

You can email questions to Mr. Jacobson
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Computer Experience – Describe your previous experience working with computers. Describe the software applications you have used (examples: Microsoft word, Adobe Photoshop, Excel, etc.) as well as the type of work you have created using these applications. *
Digital Photography – Have you ever used a digital camera? If so, describe your experience. Have you used software to edit or adjust photographs? If so, what software? *
Deadlines – A large part of Yearbook is the ability to meet deadlines. Please explain the steps you take in your own life to stay organized and keep deadlines. *
Your Contribution – Why is the school yearbook important? In what ways do you think you can positively impact and contribute to the publication of the La Mesa Yearbook? *
Staff Member – Why do you feel that you would be an asset to the yearbook staff? What special skills, interests, or personality traits would make you a valuable yearbook staff member? *
Other involvements –Tell me about the other commitments that you have in your life. What clubs, sports, jobs, or other activities are you currently involved with? *
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