Youmacon 2018 Volunteer Sign-up Form
Welcome to the Youmacon 2018 Volunteer Sign-up Page! Volunteering is a fun and exciting way to help out your favorite convention while earning a refund of your badge cost (up to $70)!

By completing the form on the next page you will be entered into the Youmacon Volunteering System. You are still required to check-in at Volunteering Operations once you arrive at the convention to activate your account. Please note that you can also sign-up to volunteer at the convention in Volunteering Operations either at Cobo Hall or the Ren Cen, however signing up online will save you a great deal time at the convention.

This year we are looking for volunteers to help with load-in and load-out. Load-in takes place Wednesday (Oct 31) and Thursday (Nov 1) and Load-out takes place on Sunday (Nov 4). All hours worked during load-in and load-out will count toward your refund. This means you could work before Youmacon starts and after it end to get your refund then have the entire convention to do whatever you want! If you are interested in more information please check the box in the questionnaire on the next page.

If you can no longer make it to the convention or you want your name removed from the volunteering system for any reason please email

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at Youmacon!!

~Dawn Pierson
Department Head of Volunteering
Department Head of Convention Operations

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